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Marketing in 2021 for Success

by Jan 27, 2021Digital Marketing

Useful tips for giving your marketing plan momentum in 2021.


You probably already know that digital marketing is important to the overall success in your marketing plan. It’s no secret that consumers have shifted to online shopping, which caused an unanticipated swing to e-commerce in 2020. So, we are the generation that will be learning as we go. We want to prepare you for marketing in 2021, below are some tips for social media, web design, and search engine optimization to get you started.


Social Media Marketing

You are familiar with social media, there’s no question about it. Your business is familiar with social media – if not, we need to talk. You might be finding frustration with advertising on Facebook, or generating followers on Instagram. Will it take an influencer to grow your business? That will help, but let’s try some other tactics first.

Quick Tip 1: Format your pictures to their appropriate site because one size does not fit all. So, this means that you may need to work with a website like Canva to make sure that your pictures look sharp on Instagram (square format), Linkedin, and other sites.

Quick Tip 2: Utilize the right social media sites to reach your customers. Linkedin is a great site for businesses that have business customers (B2B). If you have products or services targeted for customers that are not businesses Facebook, and Instagram are the leading sites. But don’t overlook Snapchat, TikTok and other mediums where your customers are.

Quick Tip 3: Use video! This is overlooked but in order to capture your customer in a critical second or two seconds while they’re scrolling – use video content. Try starting with Smilebox if you’re still practicing video production skills, they offer a slideshow format which is better than a still image and then progress to video. You can check out our Smilebox example on our Facebook page, we utilized it for our post on pivoting business models.



Web Design

Web Design will be key to boosting conversion to sales. Is your website easy to navigate because it should be. If a customer just noticed a product advertised on your social media and went to your website, make that item visible. This will ensure a higher chance of converting your customer’s consideration to making a purchase.

Quick Tip 1: Don’t overload your web visitors with text on your landing page. As mentioned if you’re running a promotion, or advertising a particular product or service – it should be prioritized on your main page. Make this aspect easy to navigate.

Quick Tip 2: Video. This is a consistent message with digital marketing – static images are stale, and you need to impress to gain attention. Dynamic images are good, but a sharp video of your product or service is best! I know I mentioned a slideshow for social, that’s not going to work as best on your website. Check out the app Quik by GoPro download it free on the App Store or Google Play – get a video on your site today. If you have Adobe, use Rush, it’s included with your suite.



Search Engine Optimization

This is a tricky one for the new entrepreneur, or new business owners that are wearing the marketing hat among all other hats for their venture. This might even take a backseat as you start a venture, sadly that brings an end to many new businesses.

Quick Tip 1: Update your content as opposed to creating new content all the time. Chances are if you struck gold with solid content on your website, such as a blog post a quick update to that content can increase your rank in search. Content is key to boost your SEO.

Quick Tip 2: Utilize Google Search Console. This is a free tool to use to improve your performance on the search engine. To fully utilize this service it will be important to review your own analytics on your own website.

Quick Tip 3: Using a content delivery network (CDN) will absolutely boost your speed in delivering content geographically. You will not regret using one, unless you aren’t prepared for the attention you will get.


Are you ready?


Just remember these are tips to try out and feel free to leave what works for you in the comments. If you still have questions and want to seek some consulting, or work with us to propel your marketing, we are open at Blue Ring Media. Stay focused on building awareness for your brand and boost your conversions to sales. Enhance your marketing now.