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The Team

Founded in 2018 by two best friends, Blue Ring Media is driven to make your business successful. Co-founder Joel English-Dubois conducted a national survey that found 80% of respondents question their marketing effort, including their brand. Stats show that more Indigenous owned businesses in Canada exit compared to entering the market across different industries, this is alarming. Combining these two findings was the drive behind Blue Ring Media. Just like the best friends that founded this company, we ensure to build a strong relationship with our clients to deliver exceptional results.

We are proud to share our success in the 2020 Pow-wow Pitch as the regional winner for Alberta with our clients. We would not have had this success without you, thank you.

Joel English-Dubois

Joel thrives on marketing and research. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t consider reading, or listening to podcasts that relate to the topic. Joel completed his Bachelor of Management with a major in Marketing, and followed it up with a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As a member of Piikani Nation in southern Alberta, he knows the importance of cultural significance that one has with the work they do.

Kane Villeneuve

Kane is the guru behind design on our team. He ensures to stay on top of all things creative. Kane completed his Diploma at S.A.I.T. in New Media Production & Design. His portfolio covers four years of experience in web and graphic design.

The blue-ringed octopus is a highly venomous animal, and it’s blue rings dramatically change colour when threatened. Blue Ring Media is just as adaptable, and strong.